Sending Notifications When Workflow Steps Become Eligible

To send a notification when a workflow step becomes eligible:

  1. In the Workflow Step window, click the Notifications tab.

    See Configure notifications for workflow steps .

  2. Click New.

    The Add Notification for step window opens to the Setup tab.

  3. From the Event list, select Eligible.

  4. To determine the frequency with which the notification is sent, from the Interval list, select a value.

    Note: If you select 8:00 AM Daily M-F, the notification goes out every morning at 8:00 AM from Monday through Friday after the step becomes eligible.

    If you select 8:00 AM Daily M-F or Hourly M-F, you can send multiple notifications to a single recipient in a batch.

  5. To send recipients a reminder if the event is still in effect after a given number of days:

    1. For Send Reminder?, select Yes.

    2. In the Reminder Days field, type the number of days after which, if the event is still in effect, a reminder is to be sent.

  6. For Enabled, leave Yes selected.

  7. To stop notification transmission once the step is no longer eligible, select the Don't send if obsolete checkbox.

  8. In the Recipients section, do one of the following:

    • Click New, and then use the Add New Recipient window to select the notification recipients (users, security groups, or tokens).

    • To specify the users or groups listed on the Security tab for the step as notification recipients, click Copy Security.

  9. Click the Message tab.

  10. Configure the body of the notification, and then click OK.

  11. In the Workflow Step window, click OK.