Adding Transitions Based on Values in Fields

You can transition a request based on the value in a particular field of in the request. This can be a general field in the request header, such as Priority, Assigned To, or Request Group, or a custom field specified in the request or package line.

For example, if the Priority field for the request is set to Critical, then you might want the request to follow a different, more robust process. This is done by resolving a field token in a workflow execution step. The workflow engine evaluates the field's value at a specific step and then routes the request accordingly.

To transition a request based on a value in a field, you must:

  • Configure an immediate execution workflow step.

  • Configure the transition for the immediate execution workflow step.

To transition based on the value in a field:

  1. On the PPM Workbench shortcut bar, click Configuration > Workflows.

    The Workflow Workbench opens.

  2. Open a workflow.

    The Workflow window opens to the Layout tab.

  3. Configure an immediate execution workflow step, as follows:

    1. In the Workflow Step Sources window, copy an existing immediate execution workflow step.

      The Execution window opens.

    2. Complete the fields in the Execution window as specified in the following table.

      Field Name


      Workflow Scope

      Requests for request tracking and resolution systems, Packages for deployment systems, Release Distribution for release systems.

      Execution Type

      Select Token.

      Processing Type

      Select Immediate.

      Immediate steps are automated. They execute the commands that are configured automatically and move the workflow to the next eligible step without user intervention.

      Note: If the previous step is an execution step and the Processing Type is set to Immediate, the status dependencies, such as Clear, is not triggered in the current step. It requires user interaction for these types of status dependencies.


      Use the auto-complete to select a validation that includes all of the possible values of the resolved token. For example, if you plan on branching based on the Priority field, use the [REQ.PRIORITY_CODE] token and the CRT - Priority - Enabled validation. The validation contains all possible values of the token.


      Provide the token for the value that you would like to transition based on. To find the name of the token, below the Execution field, click Tokens. The Token Builder opens. You can use the Token Builder to help you find the token (for example [REQ.PRIORITY_CODE]), but you must manually type the name of the token in the Execution field.



    3. Click OK.

  4. Add the new immediate execution workflow step to the workflow.

  5. Right-click the immediate execution workflow step, and then, from the shortcut menu, select Add Transition.

    The menu window closes. The step remains highlighted.

  6. Select the destination workflow step for the transition.

    A line with an arrowhead is displayed between the workflow steps. The Define Transition window and the Step Transitions window open. The Define Transition window provides several options you can use to define the transition.

  7. In the Define Transitions window, in the Specific Results field, select the transition.

  8. Click OK.

  9. In the Step Transitions window, click OK.

  10. Click Save.