Configure segregation of duties for workflow steps

In some cases it may be important to ensure that multiple process approvals are made by distinct users. You can use the Segregation of Duties tab to configure additional restrictions on who can approve a given step, based on who has already approved previous steps.

To set segregation of duties for a workflow step:

  1. From the Workflow Workbench, open a workflow.

  2. Right-click a workflow step, and then click Edit on the shortcut menu.

  3. In the Workflow Step window, click the Segregation of Duties tab.

  4. Click New.

    The SOD - Source Step window opens.

  5. To segregate this step from another workflow step, leave the Workflow Step option selected, and then select the other step from the list.

    To prevent the user who created the request from acting on this step, select the Workflow Instance Creation option.

  6. To add the segregation source to the Segregation of Duties tab, click OK.

  7. In the Workflow Step window, click OK.

    Changes are saved to the workflow.

    Note: All users who can act on a segregated step are prevented from acting on the current workflow step.