Integrate request type commands and workflows

Request type commands define the execution layer within request management. While most of the resolution process for a request is analytically based, cases may arise for specific request types where system changes are required. In these cases, you can use request type commands to make these changes automatically.

Request type commands are tightly integrated with the workflow engine. The commands included in a request type are triggered at execution workflow steps.

It is important to note the following restrictions regarding command and workflow interactions:

  • To execute request type commands at a particular workflow step, the workflow step must be configured as follows:

    • Workflow step must be an execution type

    • Workflow Scope = Requests

    • Execution Type = Built-in Workflow Event

    • Workflow Command = execute_request_commands

  • When the request reaches the workflow step (with Workflow Command = execute_request_commands), all commands whose conditions are satisfied are run in the order they are specified in the request type's Command field (on the request type's Commands tab).

You can configure the request type to run only certain commands at a given step. To do this, specify command conditions. For information about command conditions, see Command conditions.