Step 2. Generating Jump Step Sources

To create a jump step using the wf_jump built-in workflow event:

  1. On the PPM Workbench shortcut bar, click Configuration > Workflows.

    The Workflow Workbench opens.

  2. Open a workflow.

    The Workflow and Workflow Step Sources windows open.

  3. In the Workflow Step Sources window, select the Executions folder, and then click New.

    The Execution window opens.

  4. In the Name field, type a name for the jump step.

  5. From the Workflow Scope list, select Requests.

    Note: Package-level subworkflows and Release Distribution workflows cannot include jump and receive steps.

  6. In the Execution Type list, leave Built-in Workflow Event selected.

  7. From the Workflow Event list, select wf_jump.

  8. Use the Validation auto-complete to select a validation to use to transition out of this workflow step.

    Note: The validation values that exit the jump workflow step must match the possible validation values used to enter the jump workflow step.

  9. Provide all required information and any optional information you want to include.

  10. Click the Ownership tab.

  11. Specify the security groups whose members can edit this execution workflow step.

  12. Click OK.

    The Executions folder in the Workflow Step Sources window now includes the new jump workflow step.

This workflow step can now be used in any new or existing workflow within the defined workflow step scope. Keep in mind that every jump step must have a paired receive step in another workflow.