Adding Sections to Request Types

To add a new section to a request type:

  1. On the PPM Workbench shortcut bar, click Demand Mgmt > Request Types.

    The Request Type Workbench opens.

  2. Open a request type.

  3. In the Request Type window, click the Layout tab.

  4. Under the Sections list, click New.

    The Input window opens.

  5. Type a name (up to 30 characters) for the new section, and then click OK.

    Before you can save a new section, you must first add fields to it.

    Note: If all the fields you add to the section have a width of one column and are all in the same column, all displayed columns automatically span the entire section when a request of the given request type is viewed or edited.

  6. Add one or more fields to the new section. You can either move existing fields from a different section to the new section (see Moving Fields On Request Types), or create fields for the section from the Fields tab (see Create fields for request types).

  7. To view how the new section looks to users who process the request, click Preview.

    The Request Preview window opens and shows how the sections and fields are to be displayed on the request detail page.

    Note: Hidden fields are displayed as blanks in the preview window, however, they are removed on the request detail page, and are replaced by fields located to the right side of the hidden fields on the same row.

    Cells with no fields are treated the same as hidden fields.

  8. Click Save

When a user creates requests of this type, the new section with the defined custom fields is visible.