Status Dependencies Interactions

Table 5-4. Status dependencies interactions shows the results of different combinations of the Required, Reconfirm, and Clear selections. For each request status within a request type, there can be up to a maximum of 250 fields with a required state and 250 fields with a reconfirm state.

Caution: Please keep in mind that there is some overlap between status dependency functionality and request type rule functionality. It is important that you understand how status dependencies and request type rules can interact and possibly produce unintended results. Plan carefully before configuring either. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly review Request Type Rules, and plan your field status dependencies accordingly.

Table 5-4. Status dependencies interactions
Dependencies Results at Given Status
Required Reconfirmed Clear Display Color Data Shown
No No No No N/A N/A
No No Yes No N/A N/A
No Yes No Yes Black Current Data
No Yes Yes Yes Black None
Yes No No Yes, if NULLa Red None
Yes No Yes Yes Red None
Yes Yes No Yes Red Current Data
Yes Yes Yes Yes Red None
a. If a field configured as required, then it is only displayed if its value is blank (NULL). The user must provide a non-NULL value before he can proceed. If the field contains a value, then it satisfies the “required” dependency, and thus does not need to be displayed on the look-ahead page.