Executing SQL Statements and Creating Transitions Based on the Results

SQL statement execution workflow steps are used when a workflow must be routed based on the result of a query. An SQL statement execution workflow step runs a SQL query and returns its results as the result of that workflow step.

The following rules apply to creating an SQL statement:

  • Use only SELECT statements.

  • You can use tokens within the WHERE clause.

  • A query must return only one value.

Create a new execution step source with the field values as defined in Table 7-5. Execution window values for executing SQL statements.

Table 7-5. Execution window values for executing SQL statements

Field Name



Type a descriptive name for the step source.

Workflow Scope


Reference Code

Accept the default value, or type a different reference code

Execution Type

SQL Statement

Processing Type

Manual or Immediate


Selects or creates a validation that includes all of the possible values of the SQL query.

Tip: You can create a validation validated by SQL. Use the same SQL defined for the execution minus the WHERE clause.


Type the SQL query.