Create subworkflow workflow step sources

This section provides instructions on how to create a subworkflow workflow step source. Before you start to perform these steps described in this section, we recommend that you use the Subworkflow Step Worksheet (see Subworkflow Workflow Step Worksheets) to gather the information you need to successfully create a subworkflow workflow step source.

A subworkflow is a workflow that is referenced from within another workflow. Subworkflows enable you to model complex business processes into logical, more manageable, and reusable subprocesses.

You can drag a subworkflow from the Workflow Step Sources window and drop it onto the Layout tab. When the package, request, or release reaches the subworkflow step, it follows the path defined in that subworkflow. The subworkflow either closes within that workflow or returns to the parent workflow.

You define subworkflows from the PPM Workbench using the same process as you use to configure a workflow. To create a subworkflow, you must:

  • Set the Sub-workflow option to Yes.

  • Ensure that the validation for the step leaving the subworkflow layout matches the subworkflow step in the parent workflow.

Subworkflows Returning to Demand Management Workflows

You can set up an execution workflow step so that it automatically returns from a subworkflow to its parent Demand Management workflow.

For a request to transition back to the parent workflow, the subworkflow must contain a return step. Transitions leading into the return step must match the validation established for the subworkflow step.

You must verify that the validation defined for the subworkflow step is synchronized with the transitions entering the return step. Demand Management includes the execution workflow step source Return from Subworkflow that performs this task. Use this step source unless it does not meet the required specifications, such as validation or processing type.

To create the execution step source, make a copy of execution workflow step source Return from Subworkflow and change the field values as defined in Table 7-8. Execution window values for subworkflows.

Table 7-8. Execution window values for subworkflows

Field Name



Type a descriptive name for the workflow step source.

Workflow Scope


Reference Code

Accept the default value, or type a different reference code

Execution Type

Built-in Workflow Event

Workflow Event


Processing Type

Manual or Immediate


WF-Standard Execution Results (This is the default selection. You can select another existing or create a new validation.)