Configure user data layout

You can use the Layout tab of the User Data Context window to configure the layout of user data fields.

To configure user data layout:

  1. Open a user data context from the User Data Workbench. For details of how to open a user data context, see .
  2. In the User Data Context: <User Data Context Name> window, click the Layout tab.
  3. Select the field whose layout to configure and do the following:

    Action Details
    Change column width

    From the Field Width list, select 1 or 2 (inches).

    Note: You cannot make changes that conflict with another field in the layout. For example, you cannot change the width of a field from 1 to 2 if the width of another column on the same row is set to 1.

    If the field uses the Text Area component type, the Component Lines field is enabled. You can configure the number of lines the text area can display by providing a value in the Component Lines field.

    Move fields

    Use the directional arrows to move the field in the layout builder.

    You can select more than one field. Press Shift, and then select the first and last fields in a set. You can only select adjacent fields.

    Note: You cannot move a field to a position occupied by another field.

    Swap positions of two fields
    1. Select the Swap Mode option.

      An S is displayed in the option section of the selected field.

    2. Double-click the field to swap positions with the selected field.

  4. In the Layout tab, click Preview to preview the field layout and make necessary changes.

  5. Click OK.