Configuring General Information for Request Header Types

To configure the general information of a request header type:

  1. On the PPM Workbench shortcut bar, click Demand Mgmt > Request Header Types.

    The Request Header Type Workbench opens.

  2. Open a request header type.

    The Request Header Type window opens.

  3. Provide the information specified in the following table.

    Field Name


    Request Header Type Name

    The name of the request header type.

    Reference Code

    Code used to reference this request header type.


    A useful description of how the request header type is used.


    For request header types created for an Deployment Management extension, select the extension from the list.


    Indicates whether or not the request header type is available to PPM.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To save the changes and close the window, click OK.

    • To save the changes and leave the window open, click Save.