Create and maintain Oracle TEXT indexes

TEXT indexes are not created automatically, like other PPM indexes.

PPM Database DMS relies on creation of Oracle TEXT indexes on documents contents and metadata to provide full-text search on documents.

The index creation is not included as part of PPM installation for the following reasons:

  • PPM Service Packs installation SQL Scripts can only be run with PPM DB User, not SYS; however, a PPM DB User needs to be granted CTXAPP and CREATE JOBS access grants before he can create TEXT indexes, and only SYS can provide these grants to PPM DB User.

  • If for some reason you plan to use PPM Database DMS but have no plan to use full-text search, there is no need to waste DB resources with these indexes, as they are both space and CPU consuming.

  • You need to decide or customize the parameters to use to create the TEXT index.

    There's no recommendation as the answers for the following questions vary with each customer:

    • Do you prefer real-time indexing at the cost of a performance impact and a fragmented index on the long run, or is it acceptable to refresh the index only every 24 hours?

    • Is the WORLD_LEXER used by default acceptable for you? Or should you rather use a Japanese Lexer in case you store many Japanese documents?

      Your DBAs are likely to do a better work at creating the TEXT indexes you need by providing default index creation scripts.

Caution: Due to a third-party product limitation, users can not attach documents to PPM entities while PPM Center Database DMS full text index creation is in progress. If they do so, they may receive an error message.