Advantages of the DMS Migration feature

The DMS Migration feature introduced since PPM 9.13 (Administration Console > DMS Configuration) allows you to migrate easily from a current DMS solution to a target DMS solution:

  • Migration occurs while PPM Server is online, and has almost no impact on PPM users. They can keep on checking in and checking out files, and adding new attachments.

  • Once the migration is completed, you are able to test the new solution during a "transition period" while the old solution is still available. If you meet any issue with the new DMS system, you can always cancel the migration and go back to the old solution, and no document is lost in the process.

  • You can schedule the time at which the migration is running, and adjust different parameters to control what load the migration can have on the PPM system. Note however that migration process has a relatively limited impact on PPM Server performance under standard server load.