Adding a Document as a Reference

To attach a document to an entity that supports references:

  1. From the standard interface, open the entity to which you want to attach a document.

    Note: You can also attach a document to an entity that you are creating and have not yet submitted.

  2. Expand the References section or go to the References tab.

  3. In the New Reference list, leave Attachment selected.

  4. Click Add.

  5. The Add Document window opens.

  6. In the File field, click Choose File to select the document.

    Note: The file you specify must reside in a directory on the Project and Portfolio Management server.

  7. (Optional) Provide information for the boxes listed in the following table.

  8. Box


    Initial Version Comment

    Type notes on the initial version of the document you are attaching


    Type the name of the document author or authors


    Type a description of the document and its purpose.

    Key Words

    Type keywords to add to an index of document contents. The keywords you add to attachments help users search for entities with attachments that contain those words.

    Note that users cannot search non-text attachments such as image files unless you specify keywords.

    For information about the fulltext indexing, see Configuring Full Text Search in Database-Based DMS Solutions.

  9. Click Add.

    The References to be added on Save field lists the document file you specified.

  10. Click Save.

    The document, which was loaded into the document management system after you clicked Save, is now listed in the Attached Documents section of the entity page.

    The information displayed for the attached document also includes:

    • Document version, size, and author

    • Who (if anyone) has the document checked out

    • When and by whom the document was last checked in

Note: Any errors that occur while the PPM Server communicates with its database server are recorded in a log file. Server log files are stored in the <PPM_Home>/server/kintana/log directory. Server log files are named serverLog.txt and serverLog_timestamp.txt.

Active PPM Servers log output to the serverLog.txt file. The serverLog_timestamp files are archived versions of the serverLog.txt file. For more information about PPM Server log files, see the Installation and Administration Guide.