Choose between PPM database DMS and external Database DMS

The only difference between the two solutions is that when PPM External Database DMS is in use, all the documents contents, indexes, and versions metadata are stored in a separate database schema, not in the PPM schema. Therefore, the only DMS related table that will always be stored in PPM schema is the KNTA_DOCUMENTS table, which contains basic document information. In this case, you can choose whether to store the separate DMS schema and the PPM schema on the same Oracle server or not. Both scenarios are supported.

It is recommended that you use PPM External Database DMS if you:

  • Have large amounts of attachments (more than 50 GB), or

  • Need to apply different settings or maintenance policies to PPM business data and attachments. For example, you have to apply different schema-level backup or data integrity policies.

PPM External Database DMS allows for a greater flexibility in database settings and tablespace management, as you can tune them in a way other than from PPM schema. By using PPM External Database DMS, it is easier to make sure that PPM database is not impacted if a very fast-growing document amount results in the lack of available space on a tablespace used by DMS tables or indexes, or on the server disk storage.