PPM Database DMS environments examples

This section presents the database high-level configuration of two different sample environments, and explains the rationale behind these choices.

Note: These configurations are only provided for didactical purposes and should not be considered as an official recommendation. Your actual configuration should be adapted according to your environments specifications and Database & System administration policies.

Example 1: small size deployment

The following is an example for a small size deployment.

  • Documents overview:

    • ~ 12K documents

    • Total documents size: ~ 2.5 GB

    • TEXT index size: ~ 410 MB

    • Mostly office documents

  • Limited volume increase (~ 15% per year)

  • DMS choice: PPM Database DMS

    • Limited size of documents and DMS DB overhead do not justify a dedicated DB schema.

    • Simple backup procedure: weekly PPM DB Dump (PPM business data and attachments).

  • Tablespace configuration:

    • Using a dedicated PPM_DMS tablespace for DMS documents contents and TEXT indexes, with default tablespace configuration and a limited maximum size to 40 GB. This was decided in order to prevent impact on PPM business data tablespaces in case of sudden and massive increase of the documents size. (security concern to prevent a Denial of Service attack by attaching many large documents to PPM).

    • Using default tablespace for everything else.

  • DMS configuration parameters in PPM:

    • MAX_WEB_ATTACHMENT_SIZE_IN_MB: Default value (2048, i.e. 2GB)

    • DMS_INSECURE_FILE_EXTENSION_CHECK: Default value (false, all extensions are allowed)

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Example 2: large size deployment

The following is an example for a large size deployment.

  • Documents overview:

    • ~ 1.1M documents

    • Total documents size: ~ 395 GB

    • TEXT index size: ~ 127 GB

    • Mostly office documents and log files

    • Frequent documents updates and read operations

  • Moderate volume increase (~ 35% per year)

  • DMS choice:PPM External Database DMS, different DB physical server

    • The large number of I/O operations requires dedicated hardware as the PPM Database is already under heavy load due.

    • Dedicated DMS schema allows for differentiated backup strategies:

      • Daily backup for PPM Business DB

      • Weekly backup (Week-end) for PPM DMS DB

  • Tablespace configuration:

    • One compressed tablespace to store documents contents (log files are rarely compressed when attached, and compressing the tablespace allows saving up to 30% disk space). Tablespace is optimized for I/O intensive read/write operations.

    • One tablespace for TEXT indexes, optimized for transactional operations.

    • One tablespace for everything else (DMS tables and indexes), optimized for transactional operations.

  • DMS configuration parameters in PPM:

    • MAX_WEB_ATTACHMENT_SIZE_IN_MB: 250. (Max allowed file size is 250 MB)

    • DMS_INSECURE_FILE_EXTENSION_CHECK: true. Prevent uploading files of the extensions defined in the DMS_INSECURE_FILE_EXTENDSIONS parameter. For example, if the value of the DMS_INSECURE_FILE_EXTENDSIONS parameter is exe,com,bat,reg,jar,cmd,lnk,htm,html,js, you cannot upload files of these extensions.

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