Upgrading and Migrating DMS Solutions from PPM Version 9.14 or Earlier

Caution: Regarding DMS Configuration and PPM Database Dump and Cloning (after PPM version 9.13)

If you are cloning a PPM environment by dumping database (for example, cloning a PROD environment to DEV or TEST), the DB Dump will include DMS configuration. This means that, unless you are using PPM Database DMS (which does not have any configuration), if left unmodified, the new environment will point to the same DMS location (File System, DB, or Documentum server) as the original cloned environment. This would result in data corruption, and should be avoided.

In order to safeguard your DMS configuration before importing a new Database dump, follow these steps to import from a SOURCE DB dump into a TARGET environment:

  1. Before importing the source dump in the target environment, while target environment is down, copy the contents of the CONFIGURATION column from the DB table PPM_INT_CONFIGURATIONS row with value SOLUTION_ID=1200 in the file <PPM_HOME>/conf/dms.conf. (You only need to do this if the content of the dms.conf file and the configuration text content from DB are different.)
  2. Import the source DB dump into the target DB.
  3. Delete the row from PPM_INT_CONFIGRATIONS with SOLUTION_ID=1200 from the target DB by running the following command:
  4. Start FIRST the PPM server from the PPM_HOME with the up-to-date dms.conf file.
    In cluster node, you need to have only one PPM_HOME with a valid dms.conf file, and it should be started first.
    Upon server startup, since the row with SOLUTION_ID=1200 is missing from the DB, the DMS configuration will automatically be read from dms.conf and saved to database. This will happen only once on server startup. From that moment, dms.conf will never be accessed anymore (unless the row is deleted from the DB again), and if in cluster mode, all other PPM servers will read the DMS configuration directly from the database.

This section provides step-by-step instructions on migrating a DMS solution using the Administrator Console tool DMS Configuration and detailed information about upgrading and migrating DMS solutions from PPM Center version 9.14 or earlier. 

Upgrading from PPM version 9.14 or earlier

To upgrade and migrate DMS from PPM version 9.14 or 9.13 to version 9.50, you need to upgrade DMS from PPM to version 9.20 and then to 9.30 using the migration paths provided in this section. Then you can upgrade to version 9.50 directly from version 9.30.

Note: Information in this section only applies to DMS upgrade and migration from PPM version 9.14 or earlier to version 9.50.