Overview of Gathering Process Requirements

Before configuring a Deployment Managementprocess, you should gather information concerning your process, such as the steps in the workflow, the objects to be deployed, and the source and destination environments. After this information is collected, you can then begin configuring your Deployment Management process.

This section offers you guidance on how to gather information for your deployment process. The subjects covered in this section are:

  • Defining workflows. What are the steps in your deployment process (workflow)? Which steps require manual decisions (reviews and approvals)? Which steps require automatic executions? See Defining Workflows for detailed information.

  • Defining object types. What are you deploying? Are you deploying files? Are you deploying data? What scripts might be required to support the deployment? See Defining Object Types for detailed information.

  • Defining environments. What is the source environment for your deployment? What are the destination environments for your deployment? See Defining Environments for detailed information.

  • Defining notification templates. Is the correct notification template in place? Does your deployment require a new notification template? See Defining Notification Templates for detailed information.

  • Defining user data fields. Does your deployment require additional user information to process correctly? See Defining User Data Fields for detailed information.

  • Defining security and access. Who will be allowed to build the deployment packages? Who should receive notifications? Who will be allowed to approve the deployment at each step? See Defining Security and Access for detailed information.