Gathering Information for Decision Steps

Decision steps are workflow steps that require an external process to decide their outcome, such as reviews, approvals, or coding. Table 2-1. Decision Workflow Checklist provides a configuration consideration checklist to help define decision steps. See Worksheets for a complete list of decision step considerations.

Table 2-1. Decision Workflow Checklist


Decision Step Check Item



What is the name of this workflow step?

  • Review Request

  • On Hold

  • In Rework


What is the status of the package at this workflow step?

  • On Hold

  • New

  • In Review


What are the transitions from this workflow step?

  • Assign

  • Review

  • On Hold


Who or what groups can act on this step (approve, cancel, reassign)?

  • Security Groups

  • Users

  • Tokens


How many decisions are required to exit this workflow step?

  • Only one

  • At Least One

  • All


What event triggers the notification?

  • When the process reaches the workflow step

  • When a specific result is reached


Who or how many receive the notification?

  • Email Address (group alias)

  • Security Group


What is the notification message?

  • Test complete

  • Approval required


Use this workflow step as a timeout? If so, for how long?

  • 1 day

  • 2 days


Are you using segregation of duties?

  • Based on owner of the workflow

  • Based on workflow step