Determining Commands Needed for Objects

When defining a deployment process, consider what commands need to be run to achieve the desired results. Commands control which steps must be run for each workflow step for the deployment process to run properly. This can involve such things as migrating a file, executing a script, or compiling code.

At early stages of process development, it often helps to list the functional steps and desired results of the commands. It also helps to specify when in the deployment process these commands should be run. It is then possible to use this information to build your commands adhering to Deployment Management's command standards, or to deliver these as design specifications for engineers in your group.

Collect the following information for each object type:

  • The goal or purpose of the commands

  • Functional steps within the commands

  • When the commands should be run

For additional information on building commands, see the Commands, Tokens, and Validations Guide and Reference.