Configure workflow steps

After you drag a workflow step from the Workflow Step Source window to the Layout tab in the Workflow window, the Workflow Step window opens. Provide step information now, or later in the workflow design process.

Note: Worksheets contains worksheets that you can use to capture detailed information about your workflows, workflow steps, and transitions.

The Workflow Step window contains the following tabs:

  • Properties: Displays general information about the workflow step.

  • Security: Displays permission settings for specific individuals or groups authorized to act on a workflow step.

  • Notifications: Define email notifications to send when a workflow step becomes eligible or after a workflow step is completed. Notifications can inform a user of a task (workflow step) to perform (such as review and approve a new request). Notifications can also inform a group of users of the results of a task.

  • Timeout: Specify how long a workflow step can remain inactive before an error is generated.

  • User Data: Product entities, such as packages, workflows, requests, and projects, include a set of standard fields that provide information about those entities. While these fields are normally sufficient for day-to-day processing, user data fields provide the ability to capture additional information specific to each organization. User data is defined under the User Data tab. If there are no user data fields, the User Data tab is disabled.

  • Results: Lists the validation included in each workflow step, the component type, and the results.

  • Segregation of Duties: Configure workflow steps to take into account segregation of duties, excluding the participants for a workflow step from participating in a different workflow step.

  • Display Settings: Select a fill color for the graphical display of the selected step.