Configuring Notification Recipients

You must specify at least one recipient for a notification. The recipient can be a specific user, all members of a security group, or any email address.

To add a recipient to a notification:

  1. In the Workflow Step window, click the Notifications tab.

  2. Click New.

    The Add Notification for Step window opens.

  3. On the Setup tab, click New.

    The Add New Recipient window opens.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To designate the recipients as the primary addressees, select the To option.

    • To copy the recipient on the notification, select the Cc option.

    • To blind copy the recipient on the notification, select the Bcc option.

  5. From the list at the top right, select one of the following to specify the method of notification for recipients:

    • Enter a Username

    • Enter an Email Address

    • Enter a Security Group

    • Enter a Standard Token

    • Enter a User Defined Token

    • Selecting a value updates the value displayed in the Recipient Type field. For example, selecting Enter a Security Group changes the value to Security Group.

  6. Type the specific value that corresponds to the recipient type.

    • To select one or more users to receive the notification, use the Username auto-complete list. You can use the Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple users. Each user must have an email address specified.

    • To specify a recipient by his or her email address, in the Email Address box, type the email address.

    • To select one or more security groups, use the Security Group auto-complete list. (You can use the Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple groups.) All enabled group members who have an email address in the database will receive the notification.

    • To select a standard token from a list of system tokens that correspond to a user, security group, or email address, use the Standard Token auto-complete list. The value displayed in the Recipient Type field indicates whether the token resolves to a user (name or ID), security group (name or ID), or email address.

    • To specify a user-defined token, in the User Defined Token field, type any field token that corresponds to a user, security group, or email address. Then, from the Recipient Type list, select the item that the token resolves to (user name or ID, security group name or ID, or email address).

    • Tip: Use security groups or dynamic access (distributions) to specify the notification recipients whenever possible. Avoid specifying a list of users or an individual email address. If the list of users changes (due to a departmental or company reorganization), you would have to update it manually. If you specify a security group instead, any changes to group membership are automatically propagated throughout the workflow steps.

      Use distributions to send a notification to an unnamed resource. For example, to configure the notification to be sent to the assigned users, specify the [REQ.ASSIGNED_TO_USERID] token as the recipient.

  7. Click OK.

  8. From the Setup tab, click OK.

    The Workflow Step window opens.

  9. Click OK.

    The changes are added to the workflow.