Configure validations for workflow steps

Validations determine the acceptable values for fields. Validations maintain data integrity by ensuring that the correct information is typed in a field before it is saved to the database. For workflow steps, validations ensure the correct transitions are associated with the correct workflow step.

Validations are defined for each workflow step found in the Workflow Step Source window. Opening a workflow step in the Workflow Step Sources window opens the Decision window. The Decision window contains the workflow step's default information. One piece of the default information is the validation. Figure 3-14. Workflow step sources and validations shows the Decision window of the Approve (One User) decision workflow step and the validation listed in the Approval Step. In this example, the validation is WF - Approval Step. By checking the validation, WF - Approval Step has two validation values:

  • Approved

  • Not Approved

After a workflow step is added to a workflow, the transition can be added. Opening the Define Transition window for the workflow step, the validation values are displayed as the Specific Results field.

Figure 3-14. Workflow step sources and validations