Integrate object type commands and workflows

Object type commands are tightly integrated with the PPM workflow engine. The commands contained in an object type are run at execution workflow steps.

It is important to note the following concepts regarding command and workflow interaction:

  • To run object type commands at a particular workflow step, the workflow step must be configured as follows:

    • The workflow step must be an execution type step.

    • Set the workflow scope to Packages.

    • Set the execution type to Built-in Workflow Event.

    • Use the execute_object_commands workflow command.

  • When the object reaches the workflow step (with Workflow Command = execute_object_commands), all object type commands whose conditions are satisfied are run in the order in which they are provided in the object type command field (Commands tab).

  • You can configure the object type to run only certain commands at a given step.

  • You can use conditional statements in the command to configure each object type command so that only certain steps (within a command) are run at a particular workflow step.