Overview of Workflow Step Sources

PPM includes a number of standard workflow step sources that you can add to a workflow. These sources are preconfigured with standard validations (transition values), workflow events, and workflow scope. These available steps specify the following common attributes, which are expected to remain consistent across all workflows which use that step source:

  • Validation associated with the step (and, thus, the list of valid transition values out of the step).

  • Voting requirements of the step.

  • Default timeout value for the step. (You can configure a unique timeout value for each step.)

  • Icon used for the step within the graphical layout.

Browse through all of the workflow step sources using the Available Workflow Steps window in the Workflow Workbench. If a step source that meets the process requirements is not available, one needs to be created.

If PPM has a workflow step source that meets the process requirements, you can copy and rename it. This can save configuration effort and avoid user processing errors. For example, if you need a step to route a request based on whether it needs more analysis, you could copy and use the preconfigured Request Analysis workflow step source.

Copy the step source so that it can be used uniquely for the processes. This allows you to control who can edit the step source, ensuring that the process will not be inadvertently altered by another user.

Create a new step source when the step requires any of the following:

  • A unique validation (transition values) leaving the step

  • A unique execution in the step: PL/SQL function, token, SQL function, or workflow step commands

  • A different processing type: immediate or manual

  • A specific workflow scope

  • A unique combination of the above settings