Configuring Ownership of Workflow Step Sources

As you configure a workflow step source, you can specify who can edit the workflow step source.

To configure ownership of a new workflow step source:

  1. From the Workbench shortcut bar, select Configuration > Workflows.

  2. Open a workflow.

    The Workflow window opens and the Workflow Step Sources window opens.

  3. Open a decision or execution workflow step source window.

    A window that corresponds to the selected workflow step source type opens.

  4. Click the Ownership tab.

    Use the Ownership tab to select the security groups that can edit this workflow step. The default is to allow all security groups who can edit workflows to edit a workflow step source.

  5. Select Only groups listed below that have the Edit Workflows Access Grant.

  6. Click Add.

    The Add Security Group window opens.

  7. Select a security group.

  8. Click OK.

    Only users who belong to a listed security group that can edit workflows can now edit this workflow step source.

  9. From the Ownership tab, click OK.

    The new workflow step source is now listed in the Workflow Step Sources window. You can use it in any new or existing workflow with the corresponding workflow scope.