Closing Packages as Successful

It is possible to create an execution workflow step that closes a package line and marks the package line as a Success. When all package lines are closed, the package will close. Each package workflow should resolve with a closed package. Later, the packages that were closed successfully can be reported on.

This type of step is also required when integrating request and package workflows. If a package has been created using the request workflow step Create Package and Wait, the request workflow will not proceed until the package workflow has closed.

Deployment Management includes the execution workflow step sources Close (Immediate success) and Close (Manual success) that performs this task. Use one of these step sources unless they do not meet the required specifications, such as validation or processing type.

To create the execution step source, make a copy of the execution workflow step source Close (Immediate success) or Close (Manual success), and then change the field values as defined in Table 4-2. Execution window values for closing packages as success.

Table 4-2. Execution window values for closing packages as success

Field Name



Type a descriptive name for the workflow step source

Workflow Scope


Execution Type

Built-in Workflow Event

Workflow Event


Processing Type

Manual or Immediate


WF - Standard Execution Results (This is the default selection. You can select another existing or create a new validation.)