Executing SQL Statements and Creating Transitions Based on Results

SQL statement execution workflow steps are used when a workflow needs to be routed based on the result of a query. An SQL statement execution workflow step runs an SQL query and returns its results as the result of that workflow step.

When creating the SQL statement, you must obey the following rules:

  • Use only SELECT statements

  • Tokens can be used within the WHERE clause

  • A query must return only one value

Create a new execution step source with the field values described in Table 4-6. Execution window values for executing SQL statements.

Table 4-6. Execution window values for executing SQL statements

Field Name



Type a descriptive name for the workflow step source.

Workflow Scope


Execution Type

SQL Statement

Processing Type

Manual or Immediate


Selects or creates a validation that includes all the possible values of the SQL query.

You can create a validation validated by SQL. Use the same SQL defined for the execution minus the WHERE clause.


Type the SQL query.