Overview of Object Type Field Validations

When configuring the object type, you can specify a different validation for each field. The validation dictates the possible values that can be provided in the field and the field type (such as text field, drop-down list, or date field).

For example, XYZ Corporation requires a File Type field to capture the objects to be deployed. On their object type, they set up the field as follows.

Figure 5-3. Field window

The validation is validated by a list. This is an appropriate choice because the selection is not expected to change.

Selecting Validations

If no validation meets the necessary requirements (such as having the applicable values), you must create one. You can also select a validation that has been configured for use at your site.

Be careful if you use a validation that is configured for use in another process. If the owner of the other process changes the validation, the validation also changes for the items in your process. Consider copying the existing validation to create a new one. You can then control who can alter the validation values by setting validation ownership.