Release Management Preconfiguration

Planning for an application or software release should begin immediately upon recognition that a release is pending. Before the release manager creates a release, it is often necessary to preconfigure the following in release management:

  1. Modify package workflows to include the Ready for Release workflow step.

  2. Create all required distribution workflows (including all package-level subworkflows).

By adding the Ready for Release workflow step to workflows, you provide developers with the ability to add a required package to a release at the appropriate time. Development package workflows typically address necessary approval and execution steps directly related to that package. The Ready for Release workflow step indicates that the developer has signed off on the package and the package is ready to be integrated and shipped with other packages related to the release.

The release manager should also create the distribution workflows. This includes defining any subworkflows (package level or distribution level) that will be used in the release distribution workflow. These workflows define the process by which the release's packages are properly tested, approved, and run against any required environments. The release distribution workflow and associated subworkflows ensure that all files associated with the release are properly deployed. As with any workflow, the distribution workflow can be configured to model your existing or best-practice release processes.