Processing Releases

When the applicable data is collected in the release (packages, requests and dependencies) and the applicable workflows have been created, the release manager can then process the release.

To process a release the release manager will:

  1. Submit the release.

    1. Create a distribution. This consists of selecting a workflow for the distribution and disabling any package lines that should not run with that distribution.

    2. Submit the distribution.

  2. Send feedback to packages. Send feedback to the packages at any time from the Distribution window. Select the value from the feedback drop-down list and click Feedback. This value is sent back to the package line in the Ready for Release workflow step and is used to transition out of that step.

  3. Close the release only if there is no need to create additional distributions for use at a later date.

    • When the release is closed, any in-progress distributions are cancelled.

    • If a distribution is not submitted, it is not cancelled when the release is closed. After the release is closed the distribution cannot be edited.