Creating Distributions

A distribution is a deployment of a release. In a distribution, the release manager specifies the workflow to control the release process and specifies which release packages to include.

To create a distribution:

  1. From the Workbench shortcut bar, select Deployment Mgmt > Releases.

    The Release Workbench opens.

  2. Open a release.

    The Release window opens.

  3. Click Open Release.

    This enables the Distributions tab.

  4. Click the Distributions tab.

  5. Click New.

    The Distribution window opens.

  6. Type the new distribution name and description.

  7. Select the workflow for this distribution to follow.

  8. Select any packages that you want to disable, and then click Enable/Disable.

    The names of disabled packages are displayed in italic text.

  9. Click Submit Release.

    The distribution runs through the workflow specified. The release begins to run through the assigned workflow.