Processing Package Lines

Package lines can be processed individually or in groups. Package lines that are available for your action appear in bold text. Select an active package line and click Action to process that individual workflow step.

Release management provides a convenient interface for processing groups of package lines (in the same workflow step) simultaneously. This is done by viewing and selecting the package statuses.

To select all package lines within a workflow step of a particular status:

  1. From the Workbench shortcut bar, select Deployment Mgmt > Releases.

    The Release Workbench opens.

  2. Open a release.

  3. Select the Distributions tab.

  4. Click the Package Status tab.

  5. Expand all run groups and workflows.

  6. To display a status summary of all the package lines in each workflow step, in the Description column, click the plus icon (+).

  7. Select the summary.

    Again, items that are available for your action appear in bold text. When you select the summary, all package lines in that state are automatically selected. You can deselect individual items using Ctrl + click.

  8. Click Action to process all the selected package lines.

  9. Proceed to the next workflow step in the package process or distribution process (depending on your preconfigured process).

    To view updates in the Distribution Status tab, click in the tab, and then click Refresh.