Copying Application Codes from Other Environments

When generating a new environment, all or some of the applications attached to an existing environment can be copied to the new environment to speed up the setup process.

To copy the application codes:

  1. From the Workbench shortcut bar, select Environments > Environments.

    The Environments Workbench opens.

  2. Open an environment.

  3. Click the Applications tab.

  4. Click New App.

    The New Application Code window opens.

  5. Click Copy Apps From.

    The Copy From Dialog window opens.

  6. In the Environment Name field, select the environment from which to copy the applications.

    The application code names are listed.

  7. To change the base path segment of all the application codes selected, type the old server and client base path segment and the new server and client base path segment in their respective fields.

  8. Select all the applications to copy.

  9. Click Add.

    These fields have, by default, the server or client base path of the environment from which the applications are being copied. For example, two applications have been selected. The server base paths for these two applications are /u2/apps/isi and /u2/apps/demo_107. To change u2 to u3, type u2 in Old Server Base Path and u3 in New Server Base Path before you copy these applications. Every occurrence of the old server and client base path segment is changed to the new base path segment in all the selected applications. The changes will be reflected in the applications in the environment into which they were copied.

  10. After copying the application codes, any necessary modifications such as adding additional applications, deleting applications, or editing any of the applications can be made.

  11. Click OK.