Configuring General Information for Environment Refreshes

To configure the general information of an environment refresh:

  1. From the Workbench shortcut bar, select Deployment Mgmt > Environment Refresh.

    The Environment Refresh Workbench opens.

  2. Click New Env Refresh.

    The Environment Refresh window opens.

  3. The following information is required:

  4. Click Calculate Lines.

    This can only be performed if the status of the refresh group is New or Open. If the original status of the group was New, the status is updated to Open after the package lines are added.

    This action is not reversible. After performed, the status of the refresh group is changed to Completed.

    This action queries all open package lines and generates a list of lines that have been migrated to the environment being refreshed (not to the source environment). After the physical refresh, these package lines will be inaccurate because the software changes are no longer present in the refreshed environment. This action only looks for packages using workflows containing both the source and refreshed environment.

    All package lines matching this criteria will be added to the package lines list for the refresh group. If the refresh group already contains a list of package lines, this list will be deleted before the new calculation of eligible lines is performed.

  5. Click Update Lines.

    This action is not reversible. After performed, the status of the refresh group is changed to Completed. After all the applicable package lines have been added to the lines list and reviewed, this action is used to perform the actual update of the Deployment Management data. This action performs:

    • The internal object inventory tables are updated to reflect the physical refresh. This copies the audit history from the source environment to the audit history of the refreshed environment. Because they are now physical matches of each other, their audit history should be the same.

    • All package lines in the refresh lines list that have a refresh status of Include are reset to be eligible for migration into the refreshed environment again. This is done using special workflow transitions from the currently eligible step to the migration step for the refreshed environment. This allows all the changes that were erased during the physical refresh to be migrated back into the environment. After each refresh line is updated, its refresh status is updated to Completed.

The refresh status is now completed.

Note: For refresh groups with a status of New and Open, it is possible to cancel the environment refresh. To cancel the environment refresh, click Cancel Refresh. This sets the status of the refresh group to Cancel, preventing any further action on the refresh group but allowing the details of the specific refresh group to be queried.