Creating a User Data Context

Although you cannot create a new user data type in PPM, you can create a user data context that is based on one of the following user data types:

  • Validation Value User Data. Create user data fields for a named drop-down list validation. Typically, you create this new user data context to associate more data with values available for users to select.

    Example: Your PPM system has a US States drop-down list validation that has 50 validation values. Somewhere else in the system, you need to get the capital of the state that a user has selected. So, you create a new user data context for the US States list and add the Capital field to it.

    You next open the US States drop-down list validation, and for each validation value (state), you complete the Capital field. Now, the system can detect which state a user has selected and pick up the capital.

  • Environment User Data

  • Package User Data

To create a new user data context for a drop-down list validation:

  1. From the Workbench shortcut bar, select Configuration > User Data.

    The User Data Workbench window opens.

  2. On the Query tab, click New User Data Context.

    The User Data Context Window opens.

  3. Click the User Data Type auto-complete list.

    The User Data Type field displays the value "Validation Value User Data," the Context Field field displays the value "Validation Name," and the Scope field displays "Context."

  4. Use the Context Value auto-complete list to select a validation value for the Validation Name context field.

  5. Create one or more user data fields.

    For information on how to create a user data field, see Creating User Data Fields.

  6. Click OK.