Subworkflow Workflow Step Worksheets

Table A-7. Workflow step [subworkflow], step number ____



Step Name


Goal/Result of Step




Vote on Step's outcome?


Timeout (Days)


Source Environment (Group)


Dest Environment (Group)


Security (who can act on step):

  • Security Group

  • User Name

  • Standard Token

  • User Defined Token


Include Notification (Yes/No)


Notification Event


Notification Recipient:

  • Username

  • Email Address

  • Security Group

  • Standard Token

User Defined Token


Notification Message


Request Status at Step


Request % Complete at Step


Authentication Required (Y/N)


Authentication Type (if Y)

Table A-8. Workflow step [subworkflow], step number ____ validation

Validation Information


Existing Validation?


New Validation?


Validation Type: (text field, auto-complete list, drop-down list, and so on)


Validation Definition (list of values or SQL)