Configuring to Use the SSH2 Client

To use the SSH2 client, you should configure the following server configuration parameters from the Administration Console.

Parameter Name Description, Usage Default and Valid Values

When set to true, the client will connect to the remote host even if its key is not in the list of trusted hosts ( known_hosts file).

Caution: This parameter should not be set to true on a production environment.

Default: false

Valid values: true, false


When a value is defined in this parameter (valid file path), PPM Center will use it as known_hosts file to validate keys of trusted hosts it connects to.

The remote servers you will connect to should be included in the known_hosts file (using OpenSSH format), otherwise the client cannot connect to them (unless the SSH2_JSCH_DISABLE_STRICT_HOST_KEY_CHECKING parameter is set to true, in which case PPM does not search for a known_hosts file).

If this parameter is left empty, PPM first checks if there is a <PPM_HOME>/known_hosts file to use. If no, PPM then checks known standard locations for known_hosts file:

  • .../.ssh/known_hosts and .../etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts under UNIX

  • %USERPROFILE%\ssh\known_hosts and %USERPROFILE%\.ssh\known_hosts under Windows

Note: When a Linux user connects to a remote server using the ssh command on the command line and then accepts the host key when prompted, this remote machine key will be automatically added to the trusted hosts list in .../.ssh/known_hosts.

Default: N/A