Adding Support for Ciphers of Unlimited Strength

If you find that the SSH2 client cannot use ciphers of unlimited strength such as AES-256-CTR, it is most probably because you have not installed the Java Cryptography Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files on your JVM-running PPM Center.

The default Java installation is provided with limited cryptography capabilities (for example, keys over 128 bit cannot be used), as certain countries have regulations in place regarding authorized level of cryptography that can be freely used. In order to remove this limitation, you need to:

  1. Download the new policy files for Java 7 from the following address:

  1. Install the policy in the <java.home>/lib/security directory.

Once this is done, all algorithms should become available.

Note: Make sure you are installing the files into the JVM you are running PPM Center with.