Getting Started with Portfolio Management Configuration

As a system administrator, you can configure PPM Portfolio Management in the following aspects, in order to provide portfolio managers an environment that is more aligned to your business needs.

How to See
Configure which PFM request fields can be displayed as columns in portfolio Contents tab and in scenario comparisons. Configuring Columns for Portfolio's Proposals/Projects/Assets and Scenario Comparisons
Decide whether Portfolio Management displays per period the budget of lifecycle entities that are grouped by project class or asset class for each scenario in scenario comparisons. Setting Categorization Preferences for Scenario Comparisons.
Configure which financial metrics are shown on the Analyze Current Portfolio portlet and page. Setting Financial Metrics for Analyze Current Portfolio
Define a custom financial metric. Configuring a Custom Financial Metric
Customize the risk and value scoring key for proposals/projects/assets. Adjusting Risk and Value Scoring Key
Enable portfolio managers to have portfolio epics implemented in agile projects. Configurations for Portfolio Epics
Restrict access in Portfolio Management. Configuring Licenses and Access Grants

Note: You can also customize lifecycle entities and their workflow processes. For this information, see the Demand Management Configuration Guide.