Configuring Background Services for Program Management

The following background services pertain to Program Management:



Default Value

Financial Summary Rollup Service

Calculates roll ups of financial information, including forecast and actual costs and benefits (monthly data) and approved budgets (annual data), for the following:

  • Roll ups from proposals, projects, and assets to a program
  • Roll ups from proposals, projects, assets, programs, and subportfolios to a portfolio, along with immediate roll ups to all the successively higher levels in the portfolio hierarchy

Status: Enabled

Scheduled Type: Simple

Schedule: 3 hours

Program Health Service

Program overall health is calculated based on issue health, risk health, and scope change health. The Program Health Service updates program health automatically.

Status: Enabled

Schedule Type: Simple

Schedule: 5 minutes

To modify the service, do the following:

  1. From the menu bar in the standard interface, select Open > Administration > Schedule Services.

  2. Click the service you want to modify.

  3. Edit the Status, Schedule Type, and Schedule. See the online help for more information about the Schedule Type.

  4. Click Save.