Project Issue Request Type

Project Management delivers a preconfigured project issue request type called Project Issue that can be used without additional configuration to log project-level issues. If you have installed Program Management, a separate but similar Program Issue request type is delivered for use at the program level.

The project issue request type's fields are described in Table 5-1. Project issue.

Table 5-1. Project issue

Field Name


Header Section: Summary

Issue Status

The status of the issue.

Created By

The user who created the issue.

Assigned To

The user to whom the issue is assigned.


The project associated with the issue.


The priority of the issue.

Values in this field are linked to the issue health of a project, configured in the Issue Health policy. See the "Configuring Project Types" section of the Project Management User Guide for more detailed information.

Escalation Level

The escalation level of the issue. Possible values are Project or Program. If there are program(s) associated with the project, escalating to the Program level will make the issue visible at the program level. If you are not using programs, you may want to hide this field.


A brief description of the issue.

Details Section: Issue Details

Date Identified

The date the issue was identified.

Due Date

The date by which the issue should be resolved.

Issue Type

The type of issue being raised.

Detailed Description

A detailed description of the issue.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution for the issue.

Business Function

The business function that is affected by the issue.