Risk Request Type

Project Management delivers a preconfigured risk request type called Project Risk that can be used without additional configuration to log project-level risks. If the project is associated with any programs, risks will be displayed at the program level based on the settings for that program.

The risk request type's fields are described in Table 5-2. Risk fields.

Table 5-2. Risk fields

Field Name


Header Section: Summary

Risk Status

The status of the risk.

Created By

The user who created the risk.

Assigned To

The user to whom the risk is assigned.


The project associated with the risk.


The priority of the risk.

Risk Impact Level

The impact level of the risk.


The probability of the risk occurring.


A brief description of the risk.

Details Section: Risk Details

Risk Type

The type of risk being raised.

Date Identified

The date the risk was identified.

Detailed Description

A detailed description of the risk.

Closure Criteria

The criteria for successfully closing the risk.

Action Plan

The proposed plan of action for dealing with the risk.