Scope Change Request Type

Project Management delivers a preconfigured scope change request type called Project Scope Change Request that can be used without additional configuration to request changes in project scope. If the project is associated with any programs, scope changes will be displayed at the program level based on the settings for that program.

The fields of a scope change request type are described in Table 5-3. Scope change request fields.

Table 5-3. Scope change request fields

Field Name


Header Section: Summary

Scope Change Status

The status of the scope change.

Created By

The user who created the scope change.

Assigned To

The user to whom the scope change is assigned.


The project associated with the scope change.


The priority of the scope change.

CR Level

A ranking of the impact or importance of the scope change.

Business Impact Severity

The severity of the scope change's impact on the business.


A brief description of the scope change.

Details Section: Scope Change Details

Assigned Release

The release to which the scope change is assigned.

Target Implementation Date

The date by which the scope change should be implemented.

Detailed Description

A detailed description of the scope change.

Benefit of Proposed Change

The benefit the proposed scope change would have.


Any alternatives to the scope change that exist.

List of Impacted Deliverables

A list of the deliverables impacted by the scope change.

Impact Summary

A summary of the impact the scope change will have.

Financial Impact

The dollar amount of the scope change's impact.

Schedule Impact (in days)

The number of days by which the scope change affects the schedule.