Scope Change Workflow

The scope change process is determined by the workflow called Scope Change Request Process in PPM. The workflow is associated with the scope change request type. The scope change request workflow is shown in Figure 5-3. Scope change request workflow.

Figure 5-3. Scope change request workflow

The default workflow steps are described as follows:

1. Identify and Document Change Request. The initiator builds a case for the change and sets the change request level.

2. Evaluate CR Level. The scope change's impact is evaluated. Depending on the level, the scope change is routed to a different branch of the workflow, each of which includes steps to create or update an impact analysis of the scope change. This ensures that decisions regarding the scope change are well-founded.

3. Create/Update Impact Analysis. Once the impact analysis has been created and updated, the scope change is analyzed and a recommendation issued. Often this will be the selection of a specific option or a recommendation not to pursue.

4. Submit Recommendation. The scope change is either submitted for approval or escalated for additional analysis.

5. Approve Request. The scope change may be rejected, deferred, or accepted. Usually a change control board issues the final approval.

6. Close. The scope change is closed.