Enabling Projects for Synchronization

Enabling a project for synchronization requires the modification of the PM_WORK_PLANS table in the PPM schema. A project may be automatically enabled after an upgrade or if the time sheet data loader script is run (see Time Management Configuration Guide for more information about loading time sheet data from external applications). Otherwise, you must manually update the table.

A project is automatically enabled after an upgrade if:

  • Time Management and Project Management are integrated AND

  • Upgraded projects are in one of the following states: New, Approved, Closed, or In Progress.

To enable a project for synchronization:

  1. Get the project ID. The project ID is available in the URL when viewing the project's overview page:

    1. Log on to PPM.

    2. From the menu bar, select Search > Projects. The Search Projects page opens.

    3. Provide search criteria in the appropriate fields and click Search. The Project Search page reloads, displaying the results of your search.

    4. Click the name of the project to open its Project Overview page.

    5. Look for the projectId= in the URL that is displayed for the Project Overview page. The number listed after this field is the project ID.

  2. Get the work plan ID of the project using the project ID. Use the following SQL query to get the work plan ID:

    SELECT work_plan_id FROM pm_work_plans
    WHERE project_id =
    <projectId> AND is_active_flag = `Y'
    AND entity_type = `WORK_PLAN';

  3. Enable the project for synchronization. Use the following SQL to set the SOURCE column to NEEDS_TM_SYNC in the PM_WORK_PLANS table:

    UPDATE pm_work_plans SET source = `NEEDS_TM_SYNC'
    WHERE work_plan_id =

  4. Commit the change: