Configure the Work Items tab

On the Work Items tab, you specify which types of work items (programs, projects, tasks, requests, packages, or miscellaneous items) users are allowed to log time against. By default, all work item types are allowed, however you will probably want to allow time to be logged against projects or tasks but not both, depending on whether most or all projects are configured to have time logged at the project level, or at the task or some summary task level.

To specify which work item types users are allowed to log time against:

  1. In the Time Sheet Policy window, select the Work Items tab.

  2. Allow or disallow users with this time sheet policy to log time for each of the work item types. The work item types you disallow do not appear in menus that are used to add items to time sheets.

    Note: The administrator can specify five parameters in the server.conf configuration file as true (the default) or false to indicate whether or not the functionality of corresponding work item types is available in Time Management at all. If set to false, the work item type is not listed on the Work Items tab. The parameters, all of which have a prefix of com.kintana.core.server., are as follows:







    For more information, see the Installation and Administration Guide.

  3. Click OK or, to configure other tabs, click Save.

    The changes to the time sheet policy are saved.