Configure the Activities tab

You use the Activities tab to specify whether resources can specify activities for any work item types at all, and if so, the types of work items—programs, projects, requests, tasks, packages, and miscellaneous items—for which they must specify one or more activities when logging time.

When you require users to specify activities for any particular work item type, make sure the appropriate set of activities is configured for them to select, otherwise they will not be able to submit their time sheets.

See Activities for the following:

  • Detailed information about creating activities.

  • Information about how users specify activities. (Also see the Time Management User Guide.)

To set the activity requirements in the time sheet policy:

  1. In the Time Sheet Policy window, select the Activities tab.

  2. If you want to allow users to specify activities for any of the work items types, select the Resources with this policy can specify activities for work items on their Time Sheets check box.

  3. Use the check boxes to indicate the types of work items for which users with this policy will be required to break down time by activity.

  4. Click OK or, to configure other tabs, click Save.

    The changes to the time sheet policy are saved.

For information about configuring request types to require users to specify activities for all requests of those types, see Requiring Users to Specify Activities Based on Request Type .