Configure custom rules for the Suggested Items list

Files related to the Suggested Items list are located in the <PPM_Home>/conf/quicklist directory, which contains the following:

  • core_derivations subdirectory, which contains the predefined rules

  • custom_derivations subdirectory, where you must save all custom rules

  • Master file named QuickListMaster.xml, which identifies all the PPM-supplied and custom rules and indicates which ones are enabled

Each predefined rule or custom rule for the Suggested Items list is specified as an XML definition file with tags and SQL query information (see Rule Definitions).

To create a custom rule:

  1. Copy and rename an existing predefined rule from the core_derivations directory or an existing custom rule from the custom_derivations directory.

    Alternatively, create the new rule from scratch as an XML file.

  2. Write the new rule. See Rule Definitions.

  3. Save the new custom rule in the custom_derivations directory.

  4. Revise the QuickListMaster.xml master file in the quicklist directory as follows (see QuickListMaster.xml file):

    1. If appropriate, disable the predefined rule (found in the core_derivations directory) that your custom rule will replace.

    2. Add and enable your custom rule (found in the custom_derivations directory).

  5. Translate the values of Description and/or Reason for the new rule as needed. See Translating Descriptions and Reasons in Custom Rule Definition Files.

  6. Restart the PPM Server