Add work item filter fields

This section details how to add a field to the work item filters. After they are created, new work item filters appear in the screens that users complete to select work items to add to time sheets, and on the Create Work Allocations page.


  • Modifications to the Time Management work item filters should be made with the help of Professional Services.

    Updating the database requires privileges a DBA might not want to grant to the application administrator.

  • As described in the Time Management User Guide, users view a "Suggested Items" list of work items they can add to their time sheets. If Time Management validations are customized, Suggested Items list queries might need to be correspondingly customized.
  • We recommend adding no more than four or five new work item filters. SQL imposes a limitation of 4000 characters on a search query formed from the filters. Adding many filter fields causes the SQL validation to exceed this limit and break.